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Unleash the potential of HMG 75 IU, an advanced gonadotropic research compound engineered for cutting-edge biomedical investigations. This product is intended strictly for laboratory use and is not intended for human or animal consumption. HMG (Human Menopausal Gonadotropin) has sparked significant interest in the scientific community for its diverse applications in various research areas.

*** Product must be reconstituted. Reconstitution Solution Sold Here

Elevate your biomedical studies with HMG 75 IU, a complex blend of hormones used to stimulate follicle development and ovulation in female subjects, as well as promote spermatogenesis in male subjects.

Please note that HMG 75 IU is exclusively designed for research purposes and must not be administered to humans or animals under any circumstances. It is imperative to handle this compound only in strict accordance with laboratory guidelines, safety protocols, and ethical practices.

Key Features:

  • HMG 75 IU - Advanced Gonadotropic Research Compound
  • Explore its applications in follicle development, ovulation stimulation, and spermatogenesis promotion
  • Not for human or animal use - Laboratory Use Only
  • Strict adherence to safety protocols and laboratory guidelines is required

Usage Instructions: HMG 75 IU is intended solely for research purposes and must never be used on humans or animals. Researchers should diligently follow laboratory guidelines, safety protocols, and all relevant regulatory requirements. For comprehensive handling and usage instructions, consult your institution's guidelines or a qualified research professional.

Unlock groundbreaking discoveries with HMG 75 IU as you contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the fields of reproductive biology, fertility research, and hormone regulation.




TERMS.  The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only. They are not intended for human consumption. You must be 18 years of age to purchase research products. Please read the disclaimer and familiarize yourself with our terms of service prior to ordering. HMG and all of the products offered by Battle Born Peptides are intended for use in research laboratories only.  They are not for personal use, and are not to be used in any type of food product.  Additionally, we do not condone the use of our products as any type of drug.